Here Comes Kotlin: A New Hero for Android

After Java and C++, Kotlin became the third language supported by Android. Code written in Kotlin is quite easy to understand, as it is precise and concise than Java.

Google on 17 May announced officially that, Android supports Kotlin from now on. This programming language follows some type system for programming and runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It can also compile to JavaScript source code. A team of JetBrains first started Kotlin’s development. Continue reading “Here Comes Kotlin: A New Hero for Android”

Native mobile application challenged by the Progressive web apps

Progressive apps are providing tough challenge to the native apps as it seems to attract big companies like Ola and Twitter because of the lightweight, reliability, quick response and safety it provides.

In general, if we compare the native mobile apps with the web applications then they are considered quite better than they (web apps) are. However, the time changes so do the web apps. The Google and Mozilla introduced progressive web apps. A technology, which has almost all the web properties and tools of development. Continue reading “Native mobile application challenged by the Progressive web apps”