Introduction to Payment Request API

The main aim of the Payment Request API is to make payment UI/UX better and make it easy to use for the user by letting them save their information in the browser.

Purchasing any goods online that too using mobile is very convenient but tedious too. According to a research, only one-third of the online purchasing is taken to the last step even after the traffic on the e-commerce website is increasing constantly. People generally ignore using mobiles when they need to buy a product online twice as compared to the desktop as it is very slow, difficult and completes in several steps. It happens because of the several steps involved due to payment.

To overcome this problem people start using the AutoFill feature but it did not work as people expected and they need a comprehensive solution now.

Therefore, here comes Payment Request API. It is a JavaScript API, which is created in order to make our online shopping easy and convenient and easy by eliminating the checkout form. It helps in improving the purchasing workflow.

It is an open and cross-browser standard that enables us to replace the previous checkout method and enables the merchant to accept and request payment using the single API call.  All the user information is stored in the browser (intermediary here) which helps us in faster checkout just by one click.

How it works: It starts with a request made by the merchant website i.e. PaymentRequest then browser passes all the information regarding the transaction like amount, currency etc. Then browser checks for the compatibility between the accepted payment method between the website and the device methods user are using.

After this browser shows the compatible payments methods to the user and as soon as the user clicked the preferred choice browser send the details related to that method to the merchant website and make the transaction happen in just one click. We can also add shipping information to the payment request in order to save more time.

Here are the few links where anyone can learn about it: