Introduction to CSS Animation

Using CSS animation we animate various properties of CSS like color, background-color, height etc.

According to the research ‘Our brain react quickly or pay attention to moving objects ‘.  Now with the evolution of CSS3, we can easily add transitions and animations in our project.  With CSS animation we can alter the appearance and behavior of an object.

CSS animation made animation transition possible from one CSS style to other CSS styles. It is divided into two parts: First, one is the style, which describes the CSS animation, and the other part is the keyframes that tell us the beginning, intermediate and the ending states of the animation.

Advantages of using CSS animation:

  • The animation creation is very easy and we can create even without having the knowledge of JavaScript.
  • The animation runs quite smoothly even if the website is moderately loaded.

Different CSS animation properties:

  • animation-name
  • animation-duration
  • animation-timing-function
  • animation-delay
  • animation-iteration-count
  • animation-direction
  • animation-fill-mode
  • animation-play-state

CSS animation is amazing and simple if we try to understand and learn it instead of copying and pasting it we can make impressive animations. So here is a link for the quick kick start Introduction to CSS animation!