Now after Google, Apple is going to adopt the progressive web app technology

Apple’s engineer Brady Edison created a patch and WebKit ticket that is associated with the service worker that confirms the development of the service worker and progressive web app as well.

After a long debate, a good news might come for the web developer that Apple devices will be going to support the progressive web applications. After Brady’s patch release, Jonathan Davis stated in a tweet that, “Yes, it is the beginning”.

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Introduction to Payment Request API

The main aim of the Payment Request API is to make payment UI/UX better and make it easy to use for the user by letting them save their information in the browser.

Purchasing any goods online that too using mobile is very convenient but tedious too. According to a research, only one-third of the online purchasing is taken to the last step even after the traffic on the e-commerce website is increasing constantly. People generally ignore using mobiles when they need to buy a product online twice as compared to the desktop as it is very slow, difficult and completes in several steps. It happens because of the several steps involved due to payment. Continue reading “Introduction to Payment Request API”