Serverless Computing

its architecture depends on third-party resources referred to as the Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) or the custom code that run using the Function-as-a-Service (FaaS).

The hottest topic around is serverless computing nowadays. It is a cloud computing based process execution model that manages the resource allocation dynamically. Well, serverless doesn’t mean that no servers are required server is still required in the serverless computing but the working(management, resource allocation, and capacity) of the server is hidden from the developer or operator. A business owner doesn’t have to worry about the expensive hardware platform, vendors take care of the working of the servers.

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Now after Google, Apple is going to adopt the progressive web app technology

Apple’s engineer Brady Edison created a patch and WebKit ticket that is associated with the service worker that confirms the development of the service worker and progressive web app as well.

After a long debate, a good news might come for the web developer that Apple devices will be going to support the progressive web applications. After Brady’s patch release, Jonathan Davis stated in a tweet that, “Yes, it is the beginning”.

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Introduction to Payment Request API

The main aim of the Payment Request API is to make payment UI/UX better and make it easy to use for the user by letting them save their information in the browser.

Purchasing any goods online that too using mobile is very convenient but tedious too. According to a research, only one-third of the online purchasing is taken to the last step even after the traffic on the e-commerce website is increasing constantly. People generally ignore using mobiles when they need to buy a product online twice as compared to the desktop as it is very slow, difficult and completes in several steps. It happens because of the several steps involved due to payment. Continue reading “Introduction to Payment Request API”

Service Worker Opening A New World For Web App


Service worker gives us access to the various features like push notifications and background sync and in future, they will provide geofencing.

Service worker is a script, a JavaScript that runs in the background of the browser. It runs separately from a web page that allows us to enable all those features that do not need any user or web page interaction.

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is a platform that provides a stable power to the backend that helps in managing the content of the website in an easier way.

Having a website for any business provides a good upfront and platform to our business. It helps people to know about us. As if a store does not look good, then people tend to move away from the store in the same way if a website does not look good, respond quickly on the desktop as well on mobile devices then people will avoid using it. Continue reading “Why WordPress?”

Flex Box For Responsive Web Design

FlexBox makes sure that web page behaves in a foreseeable manner when it is loaded on different devices with different display dimensions.

W3C has introduced a new web layout method named CSS FlexBox Layout. Using these layout method responsive elements inside the container will automatically adjust according to the size of the devices. It aims at providing a layout that works efficiently even when the dimension of the devices are unknown. Continue reading “Flex Box For Responsive Web Design”

WordPress plugin WP statistics vulnerable to SQL injection

WP statistics one of the most installed plugin of the WordPress used by around 300,000 websites currently found vulnerable to the SQL injection because of the limitation of some functions present in it.

SQL injection is a technique to inject code in the data-driven application/software. In it, atrocious SQL code or statement entered in the input field to for execution. It is the most commonly used technique for hacking the web pages or websites. This strategy allows the attacker to remotely devastate your website and the database. Continue reading “WordPress plugin WP statistics vulnerable to SQL injection”

Here Comes Kotlin: A New Hero for Android

After Java and C++, Kotlin became the third language supported by Android. Code written in Kotlin is quite easy to understand, as it is precise and concise than Java.

Google on 17 May announced officially that, Android supports Kotlin from now on. This programming language follows some type system for programming and runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It can also compile to JavaScript source code. A team of JetBrains first started Kotlin’s development. Continue reading “Here Comes Kotlin: A New Hero for Android”